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Packages start at $500 per month and increase depending on desired results. Services rendered will depend on the individual circumstances. Email set-up, web-design, and development is usually included in our packages, but some clients do not need such services because they are being provided by others they already like and use. Also typically included are Google accounts, Facebook accounts and whatever else we feel will benefit your company the most.

Our packages are different than competitors because we do not create limits to the services we provide.

Managing Websites and Marketing Budgets

Jacksonville Website and Marketing Management CompanyYour budget limits how much time is dedicated towards your site and how much money is spent on advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and maybe even Yellow Pages, if it is in your best interest. The factors that determine where your budget is directed will be discussed with you during your site/s’ development. We have years of experience working with these platforms and understand how they interact together.

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Some of our clients, such as personal injury attorneys, have very specific needs. Last year we acquired hundreds of leads across the United States for an attorney who wanted to find men suffering from melanoma after taking specific medications. When it comes to getting leads on a budget, we like to consider ourselves the best.

Paying for Advertisements on Facebook and Google

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns such as Adwords and Facebook advertising are very effective for obtaining a great return-on-investment (ROI) but will require more money up front. We offer lucrative opportunities for our website and marketing clients, and take pride is giving them everything we can, for as little as possible. Please contact our Jacksonville website professionals to discuss the various options we can offer.

How long does your website investment take to start making money?

For many businesses a substantial ROI can be almost immediate, such as a doctor, product sales or criminal lawyer, but for some companies an initial lead via the internet may take months before signing a check or swiping a credit card. When working with personal injury attorneys, getting an ROI may take several years.  We can help you look at these factors and many more with an initial consultation.

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Starting your website development and marketing strategy.

The first few months of your individually tailored website package will depend on where we have to start. What do you currently have? Do you have an established company or is this a completely new idea? What is your current marketing budget? What IT skills do you have? Are you capable of blogging every month? Better yet, every week or everyday?  Would you like to pay for copywriting/ original content focused on your desired goals?

Are we improving an existing website?

Companies or individuals will often retain our services with a dream, and very little more. Sometimes, as in the case of a local Jacksonville Divorce Attorney, the client came to us with an existing domain, website, and great content for the site.

For clients who come to us with only a dream, we begin by consulting with them to discuss their goals, their budget, and the time-frames they are constrained to.

Factors that must be addressed for a website that makes money.

Website Conversions | Getting phone calls, emails and product purchases.

A website needs to function in a way that will “convert.” A conversion happens when the person using a website buys a product, fills out a form, calls a phone number, or performs another desired action.

Balancing Design and Beauty with Internet User Statistics

Sometimes a website that seems beautiful to some people is statistically proven to provide bad results. An example is using black backgrounds with white text. It is proven that some people hate this so much they will just leave the site without looking any further.

Websites that are littered with flashing banners, text, and pop-up videos or ads are usually not a desirable design.

We can help you maximize your websites potential with a dynamic design that hones in on results and changes to improve results.

Search Engine Optimization

A site designed properly will also take into account the dynamic factors that allow #1 results on Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines. Most people have no idea how Google “ranks” a website. If they look at html code, they are lost. Our team has grown with the internet and the html code that browsers use to display websites. We have grown with Google, from non-existence as they have become one of the world’s largest companies.

For nearly two decades we have studied the code. For years we have watched how it interacts with Search Engines. It requires constant statistical analysis to obtain and maintain great results on the web. We have proven results, just contact us and we will show you.

Social Media | Facebook, Twitter, Google+, AVVO, YELP, Reddit …

Your social media presence should match your company or your desired goals. This may be one of the most dynamic areas of internet marketing in the current day. If you are a business, such as a family attorney in a specific area, your goal is to reach people seeking a local service. Local marketing requires a different strategy than a business selling products internationally. We have worked with a huge array of Social Media networks and are constantly improving on what are already great results.

Facebook is changing online marketing everyday and we are keeping up!

Pay for Advertising | PPC, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Yellow Pages, and more

When a company advertises online they are looking for a return on their investment (ROI). Advertising in online publications such as the news may be effective for some companies and a waste of money for others. Targeted marketing strategies are usually a companies best bet for advertising online. Google’s Adwords system has proven through time to be very effective for almost any online business or local service provider. Facebook’s advertising platform is new, but we have seen great results from the service. Contact us if you would like to know more.

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You or your business can depend on our team of professionals to provide you with honest answers to the toughest questions. All you have to do is call us at 904.802.1211. James has decades of experience and is formally educated with a Master’s in Engineering. He can help you understand the complicated statistical analysis required for great results online and is waiting for your call.