SEO for Local Jacksonville, Florida Business

You may fire us anytime! There is no contract required for our SEO service!

We take pride in being the best SEO and internet marketing company in Jacksonville. We do not require clients to sign contracts and while our competitors may say the contracts protect you, they actually lock you in, with legal consequences, to their SEO service.

SEO in Jacksonville, Florida

Unlike our competitors, we prefer to set our clients up with their own servers, hosting providers, social networks and email system, under their name. This means that if your business or company decides to fire us, and no longer use our SEO and website maintenance services, you can easily move to another provider. You get to keep your code, your hosting, and pretty much everything else that we do while optimizing your local business website. You are making an investment that you can walk away with later.

What Happens if You Quit Using Our Website & SEO Company?

If you move to another provider, we will of course quit claiming credit for your website across our social and local website network. Links that we create outside of our network, such as your company social profiles and many other positive SEO factors are yours forever. We will send you the information you need to access your hosting accounts, your domains and your social networks.

Our SEO in Jacksonville Clients Do Not Leave Us!

To this day we have not lost any of our SEO clients in Jacksonville and most continue to raise their budgets over time. Our goal is to grow your business. While advertising with Adwords or Facebook is a great way to attract new clients, getting to the top of Google or other search engines such as MSN and Yahoo to acquire free leads should be every business’ goal. If you are not currently taking advantage of this huge boost in business, it is very likely that you will need to increase your office or store space when the customers begin flooding in. Check it out! Fletcher & Phillips recently hired new attorney, Dyvonnda G. Thurston.

Custom Tailored SEO and Website Maintenance Packages

We have helped our clients in ways that others in the industry do not. We like to look at your business as our own. We can help you evaluate your current expenses and optimize where your money goes. We have seen clients throwing away money on directory listings such as Yellow Pages. We have helped clients save hundreds of dollars on internet and email costs. Our team of web development professionals will do a lot more than just design your website and optimize it for search engines.

We were formally educated as engineers and have worked on a variety of industries allowing us an inside edge on your business’ economics. We understand the importance of business to business referrals. We can help you find new ways to market your business while saving you money. We offer a complete package, full website management service.

Jacksonville SEO company, offers the best professional local SEO to increase website traffic and customer conversions. Our SEO and internet marketing team will produce high rankings in the search engines for the keywords and key phrases that are critical to your company’s success. Our Jacksonville, Florida SEO team will optimize your website to reach the top results in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Contact us now! We will be happy to give you a free website marketing and search engine optimization consultation.

SEO and Website Services May Include

Writing/ Copywriting Optimization

With keyword and key phrase targeted article writing our Jacksonville SEO team can write articles for you, or we can help you optimize your own personally crafted articles. We have clients who prefer to write their own content and others who prefer to spend their time serving their customers while we craft articles and news for them.

Link Building for SEO

We grow a network of permanent quality links to your website using practices that build your rankings in all the search engines. We search for relevant sites, and bring quality traffic to your website. Our team uses a practice of “trickling” in your links so that Google will continue to love you in the future. The wrong strategy for link building can ruin a website so we take great care in building links for our customers.

Social Networking & Social Media Marketing

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and others help increase your website’s Page Rank and traffic. Proper use of the platforms targets the traffic to your potential customers. We have a vast network Jacksonville focuses websites and social networks that we use to help our clients’ websites. We also help you optimize your own social network profiles, such as your company Facebook page or Google Business listing.

SEO Analysis, Analytics and Improvements

Our Jacksonville based SEO team will analyze your current website and if needed, will completely rebuild it to meet the most recent standards in website design, such as mobile optimization. The first step for a successful SEO campaign is ensuring that your website is optimized and structured to be able to obtain top search engine results.

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