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Don’t be another victim to a growing attack on the vulnerable.

The Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) integrates numerous tactics and strategies for success. While some websites, made for selling products online, may find success on media such as Facebook, others may be better off using Adwords from Google. Some sites may obtain great results using email campaigns to keep customers or users coming back to their site or business.

Taking Advantage of SEO for Marketing

SEO for marketing comes in a vast array of forms.  Below you will find articles and news relating to the subject. Everyday website owners throughout the world receive millions of program generated emails from unknown sources claiming they will get their targeted victims to the top of Google search results. Sometimes they claim they will do it for free, only getting paid after proven results. Their susceptible victims will then hand over all the information needed for the SEO company to “optimize” their site. From there the results can go a lot of different directions.

Ask yourself this:

If we were to send you and all of your competitors the same emails claiming we would keep each of you at the top of Google search results for the same search term, for FREE… Could we possibly be telling the truth?

After giving information to an SEO company that allows access to the backend of your website, you have left yourself open to a new type of website attack. The company with access to your site’s backend can insert code into your server that does not benefit you at all, and could have very negative effects on your site’s search results. They may fill up your pages with links to their own sites or even worse, your competitors fighting for valuable keywords. They also may change your titles, descriptions and keywords to further point traffic to their own websites.

Being in the business since the beginning of the term SEO, we have seen a lot, and the dynamics of the internet are exponentially changing.

In one instance, when working with a local Jacksonville Lawyer, the findings of our initial analysis was mystifying. Every month, the Duval County Attorney, paid $1,000 for SEO services. We were introduced to the victim by one of our clients and with our $35.00 SEO check-up they found out that for nearly a year, a foreign company with an excellent website presentation, had literally been taking their money to promote themselves. Every title, included their name. Text was added to many pages, masked by using the same color font as the background. Every page on their site had links going out to websites all over the world and the links could not be distinguished from the rest of the text.

You should only go with someone that you trust. Brilliant minds in India, China or Russia can make it very difficult for you to figure out they are not really the California marketing corporation they claim to be. If you would like more information or you are interested in using our services to maximize your marketing investments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our clients are our proof. Cynthia Veintemillas law office, Fletcher and Phillips, the Greenfield Center will all tell you that we are your best choice for professional SEO and Web Design Services in Jacksonville.

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