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To obtain traffic and leads through your website, we have have a few options, pay-per-click (PPC) and targeted traffic you pay for or search engine optimization (SEO) and free organic clicks, social networks, and email campaigns. PPC strategies allow new Jacksonville businesses and websites to immediately launch into a targeted market while SEO strategies to obtain free targeted traffic take much more time to develop and require maintenance. A properly designed site will be ready for both mobile traffic and computers. Both should be optimized for SEO and conversions.

SEO and Web Development Examples

Janet White, with Whitehousemonogramming.com, uses a mix of SEO, PPC, and we have also found that email campaigns work great for her nationwide marketing efforts. In addition we have found that Facebook ads are very effective for her niche. Her site’s growth is considered part of a lucrative niche market. She has seen growth that is unheard of, considering her investment.

In under six months her site has gone from nonexistent to providing a very fast growing revenue. Her sales in the last two weeks of last month (Nov. 2013) exceeded all she has ever invested into web development, system training and marketing. I created her server and her online shopping website from the ground up using the best SEO principles. By properly structuring her site and making it SEO compliant she has had over 500,000 impressions on google search in under 6 months and thousands of “free” organic clicks from Google’s search engine.

The picture below shows the site going from launch, through the first couple months. From June 1, through August 4, 2013 the monogramming website caught the seasonal back to school rush. Google recognized that their users were finding what they were looking for, and Google has greatly rewarded Mrs. White with a very lucrative, fast growing and highly profitable business.
Jacksonville Web Design Two Month SEO Results Graph

The image below shows the all time history for the online shopping website. Over 60% of the sites visitors have come from strictly search engine optimization. Free. And growing fast.
Online Shopping Website Six Month SEO Results Graph

Cynthia Veintemillas, a Jacksonville Attorney, is a perfect example of using strictly SEO. She has never paid for a click or any advertising. It took about 3 months before she received her first internet lead. She began her sites about 2 months before opening her law firm expecting this. In approximately 18 total months she has developed an online presence that is keeping her very busy. The month to month traffic growth continues and typically ranges from 5-15% gains each month in one of the most competitive SEO markets on the web.

The image below shows the results of great local SEO practices.
Legal and Lawyer SEO Results Graph

904Lock.com was the first part of what is now a growing network (LocksmithInFlorida.com, 813lock.com, and many more). Using a custom server configuration. Actually two custom servers set up to easily build out new websites to concentrate on a specific location. It is a proven fact that a website dedicated to an exact location for services such as a locksmith perform better in search results and have much lower costs per click for competitive keywords.

The same SEO strategies that are used to obtain free traffic are also needed for “high quality” PPC campaigns. Google Adwords, the market leader in PPC uses a quality score to display there ads. If an ad is pointing to a page with content relevant to the ad, the cost for a click at a #1 spot will be much less than an ad pointing to a webpage without relevant content.

I recently completely revamped a Jacksonville Locksmith’s internet presence. I built new sites for different geographic areas, set up new Google Adwords campaigns and made sure everything was as close to 100% optimized as possible. After completing the Jacksonville, Florida area, the clients “average” cost per click dropped from over $30 for the most competitive keywords to just under two dollars. The same client now has me setting up his locksmith services in Tampa and Miami.

Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and others allow you to display ads in their search results and also in their partners sites such as the Yellowpages. Paying for print marketing services from phonebooks is no longer near as valuable, especially when google ads show at the top of their site which is used more than the paper version.

When beginning a website and planning your initial marketing strategy we should consider:

1. What is your advertising budget?

Everything I do integrates SEO and PPC, the servers, the websites, mobile technology, social networking and more, all come together for the perfectly optimized website. You need to decide what initial advertising budget you want to start with. For a new website, their will be more resources dedicated to the initial building of the servers and site.

You will receive a coupon from Google when you first set up your Adwords (PPC) account that will allow you some experimental time to learn what type of ROI to expect. The locksmith is set up to possible spend over $1000 a day right now. They actually spend between $100 – $300. It is all part of a very convoluted and effective strategy that is keeping his vans running around Duval County 24/7.

2. What are your competitors doing and how do we do it better?

After we begin launching, google will give us valuable analytics and information on how competitive the keywords are that are being targeting on the search engines. In addition I will look at the backend code for the top resulting websites to make sure your site/ s are always moving towards the top spots. Once in a top spot, I can maintain your site to ensure you keep your place.

In conclusion:

There really is no better advertising today, than Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Phonebooks are now a thing of the past and in your industry, the mobile market is very valuable. A potential customer may be needing your service immediately and their phone is often going to be the first place they turn to. For the locksmith phones are bringing in the most valuable traffic with the highest conversions. Making sure the phone is answered can not be stressed enough. Just like a potential customer using a phonebook, they will hang up on an answering machine and immediately call your closest competitor.

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