Jacksonville Adwords Training for Marketing on Google

The importance of understanding Google Adwords is continuing to expand, especially as the number of users grow. If you use basic SEO principles effectively for top Google results, then you also end up receiving great results from MSN, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Another fact, that is often overlooked, is how much money you can save on using Google’s Adwords system.

We can provide you with training on using Adwords that will include training on how you can optimize your site. This is the only fair way we know how to train you on using the system. To understand this more, you can see this article we recently wrote on the subject: Keeping Down Costs on Google Adwords | Top 10 Methods

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Should You Use Google Adwords?

Google studies show that most customers use online searches to research and find products. The studies also show much more, but it is obvious that obtaining top results from Google searches is quickly growing into the best marketing for most businesses. Today the only way to obtain top results on most Google searches is to pay for it with Adwords.

Business surveys show traditional marketing budgets are moving towards online marketing strategies for all types of products and services. Studies also show the importance of having websites that fit cell phone screens. Studies from Google and Neilson on mobile device search engine’s use show staggering, exponential growth as well as other interesting data. When it comes to using Adwords we have found that the amount of mobile traffic varies based on product or service offered and typically ranges between 20- 60% of traffic. If you site is not set up for this traffic, your SEO is wasted and so is the money you spend on a click from Adwords when the user immediately leaves your site.

Google Adwords Cost Saving Optimization

Adwords and SEO

Google results show paid advertisements and organic results that use SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

“Free” clicks from Google searches can result in what would otherwise be unaffordable traffic. The amount of traffic that a lawyer could receive for placing #1 in google’s search results for the search term “Lawyer” would cost millions everyday.

To obtain the top results for the term “lawyer” using Adwords may mean having to spend anywhere from a couple bucks to over $100 depending on what Google calls their “Quality Score.’  This is where our training on using Adwords can benefit you the most.  We have worked with Google Adwords for almost it’s entire existence. In addition we have vast experience using other online advertising platforms including Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

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