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Google, Bing, Yahoo, SEO and Women


How can a man compare Google with the women in his life? Let me tell you this. Trying to get to the top of Google, Yahoo or Bing search engine results can easily be compared with trying to get to the top of a woman’s list…

Jax Beach Websites, James

Jax Beach Websites, James

I know… This could be considered a sexist, terrible analogy, but as I continue, I hope you will laugh and understand that I am only kidding around, annd yes.. i am anerdy dude… drinking… If you are a lady, please replace the the word women with men, and any other words with whatever you choose (or leave as-is), I won’t be offended 🙂 .

To get to the top of Google, one can attempt to pay for it. Like trying to court a woman, it may or may not work. Enough money and it is almost a sure thing that you will get to the top of Google, but you will have to continue paying for it if you succeed. As others see you on top of her, it can quickly become a battle of who will give the most money for her time.

Another way to the top of Google’s search results combines a variety of factors that may include money, but also includes time, devotion, skill, intelligence, help from friends, good looks and adaptive actions to counter her constantly changing moods.

Devotion to Adwords

Google has a thing for those who have been with her for the longest amount of time. She is into those who are not going to dip in for one-night-stands, as discussed and no more of the out going link stuff… . Also in the discussion found there is one mans statement that Bing’s primary ranking factor is the age of the domain. Based on experience, I will at least correct that statement and say it is not 100% factual, but there does seem to be a much higher ranking factor placed on domain age by Bing than our lady, Google. I LOVE U GOOGLE! Please love me 2!

Devotion to her wants and needs, proven over time, is the best SEO technique to win the heart of Google, Bing or Yahoo,. We like to get to the top of the search results. They love attention, but if you over-do it, like a woman, she will slap you down and storm off. You may be able to win her back over, but only if you haven’t gone too far. Getting banned by Google may require you to contact her and if she doesn’t want to be found, forget it…

If you do not give her enough attention, Google will quickly forget you.

Determining how to give Google attention… U want her to like and admire your finesse. It takes skill and intelligence. Intelligence is something you are born with and skill is built based off intelligence and hard work. With the right amount of time, friends and dedication, the less intelligent can sometimes overcome the more intelligent. It is all about interaction and study of the interaction for the next time around, we like the competition, we like the game.

Getting help from your friends and circles can quickly move you to the top of Google. If your friends speak up for you through Facebook “like”, Google “+”, Twitter, LinkedIn and even through blasting how amazing you are across the news networks, she is going to love you… Google loves those that are loved by others. If she sees that you are getting attention, she will then give you more.

Like a proper lady, Google is not strictly about looks alone, though she does give some beneficial rank to the looks of a website. She primarily does this by watching others interacting with your site. When a user comes to your site, they may stay stay longer or be more likely to continue using a site that is well presented and structured. Let’s pretend like she is too stupid to understand what a conversion is…

She can recognize a man’s intentions from start to finish… Google is not too stupid, and she created internet conversions. 😛

Another valuable piece to interacting with the our lovely lady Google, is the ability to adapt to her ever changing and increasingly complex moods. I ofter hear about Google loving a site one day with very high rankings only to drop the site off of the map the next day… Google and I are alike in some ways… Like a woman, it may seem like there was no reason behind the abrupt change of mood, but please understand there is reasoning for everything she does whether one understands it or not… Suppose she just got knocked up by links from another man? Maybe an genetic factor mutated? Sometimes the couples can work things out and the website may return to the top of Google. For other times, the most effective way to get back to the top of google may be to get a new face, a new persona… A new domain!!!

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