Certified Adwords Professionals in Jacksonville, Florida

Our Staff is Certified by Google as Adwords Professionals

We can offer our customers a vast array of products and services including the following:

Google Adwords Setup and Management in Jacksonville

We offer numerous opportunities for Pay Per Click (PPC) services to our clients. Not only does Adwords offer lucrative and cost effective advertising with PPC, but so do numerous other websites and social networks such as Yahoo, Bing/ MSN, Facebook, Twitter and others. If you want help with management of your Adwords account or other pay-per-click internet marketing campaign, the marketing professionals we have waiting can help.

Our Adwords Agency is in contact with the Google Adwords team when ever we have an issue and also for frequent training and improvement walk throughs. Our study of keyword bidding strategies and conversion rates provide extraordinary results for our customers.

Search engine marketing begins with a plan that is dynamic from the very start. An initial consultation regarding services, products, geographic objectives, budget, growth goals and more begins the process. We begin our work by creating an initial group of keywords and phrases that the consultations develop. During the consultations we also determine key geographic targets (country/s, city/s, county/s, even neighborhoods). Next we write ad texts utilizing marketing principles developed from years of experience. The fun part begins as we start to set up related landing pages on your website to keep our Quality Scores up and increase potential conversions. It is a fact that a website visitor is more likely to convert if the page they land on is about the service or product they were searching for!

Engineering Google Adwords Campaigns for Success

JaxBeachWebsites.com was founded by an engineer. James Hilliard received his master’s in engineering from the University of Louisville in 2007. He began working with websites and online marketing during early college to help pay for tuition. Over the years he has built a team of professionals capable of developing or building anything, but he has specialized in Pay Per Click to master it for himselp.

How does internet marketing management work?


We are able to target ads to reach specific keywords/ phrases using Google Adwords. The campaigns can be configured to show only on Google Search results, only on Google’s Display Network, or both. Depending on your services, products or brands we can help you develop the keywords and phrases that best optimize your Cost-Per-Aquisition and Profits.

Location Targeting

We can target PPC advertisements toward internet users in specific geographical areas or toward users looking for information, services or products in a specific location (A hotel in Jacksonville, Florida may target the world searching for a “Jacksonville Hotel”). We have the ability to target a specific city, metro, state or country. We can then target demographic areas even more specific for factors such as house hold incomes.

Ad Text Writing

“Call to action” text ads for Google Adwords can be tricky and using the ad extensions wisely allows us to have an advantage over those without the tremendous experience our team has. Ads that target a specific location, keyword/ phrase, and that direct users to a conversion optimized landing page will produce the best result on any PPC system whether it is Google Adwords, MSN AdCenter, Yahoo, Bing or Facebook.

Landing Page Design

When landing pages are related to the ads that drive traffic conversion rates increase. It is a statistical fact. We can design sites/ landing pages that add relevant, quality content to the internet. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are almost interchangeable and to the common person they may refer to the same idea, but they are two different pieces of the same pie that sometimes overlaps into one piece.

If you need help with your PPC campaigns, call us for a free consultation today!

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