Consulting for Business Marketing, Development and Expansion

Whether you are just starting out or growing a fortune 500 company, our team can help you acquire more business or increase your profits. The diversified professionals in our network include lawyers and legal professionals, accountants, artists, graphic designers, conventional marketing pros and of course the best web designers and internet marketing professionals available in Jacksonville, Florida.

Starting or developing a business focuses on finding new business, improving efficiency, protecting assets and personnel, product/ service design, business model analysis, and marketing. When starting a new business, there are many factors that need to be analyzed and studied. A business seeking to develop nationwide business and sales, such as will take a completely different path during development than a business such as Twenty Miles Law that focuses on the local Jacksonville and North East Florida residents.

Starting a Business or Growing a Business

If you have started an established business, the following should be a review. Please contact us about the innovative and proven methods we have to help increase market share or decrease costs for established business. If you surf this site, you may get some ideas, but every business in the world is different and deserves it’s individual study and attention.

Get it going!

To start a business, the first steps should include setting up the legal structure and filing with Uncle Sam. is a great resource for anyone just starting out, but the information provided is tremendous and convoluted. Do you need to set up a corporation? What type should you choose? These are questions we can help you answer and the answers to these questions could pay for themselves many times going forward in tax breaks or other significant savings.

In addition to making sure you are legal with Uncle Sam, you need to make sure you and your business are protected. This can include setting up child companies, developing contracts, filing correct tax forms and setting up secure banking services. We have the team to help you through all of this. Need a lawyer? We have the best on speed dial. Accountants? Check. Engineers? Check.

What’s Next for Developing a Business?

Find your customers and sell them!

The phonebook, newspaper, radio and TV were the world’s primary advertising outlets for a very long time, but today it has changed drastically. Very few use newspapers or phonebooks for more than starting fires and most now use Google to find their local business, store or service provider. The mobile phone industry has taken it one step further, allowing everyone to affordably carry an internet connected computer in their pocket.

How do we get clients from Google?

The secret is to give Google searchers what they are looking for using the best practices set forth by Google.

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