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The Costs for an Adwords Account

Typically when running a Google Adwords campaign for an organization or business the competition will charge a $500.00 fee or 15% of the account budget, whichever is less.

Adwords Consultants

We offer the following unique pricing structure for new Google Adwords accounts.

Month 1&2: $50.00 fee or 5% of the campaign budget, whichever is less
Month 3&4: $150.00 fee or 7% of the campaign budget, whichever is less
Month 5&6: $200.00 fee or 10% of the campaign budget, whichever is less
Month 6 and on: $300.00 fee or 14% of the campaign budget, whichever is less

How Does Google Adwords Work?

Driving good traffic to websites requires conversion analytics and user interaction study. This pricing structure allows us to use data from month one and two to become familiar with our client’s audience and the search terms or other methods used to acquire them. In those two months we can begin developing a plan for improvement, including updating the site to create landing pages with very strong, focused calls to action such as “Like us on FaceBook”, “Buy”, “Call” or “Donate.”

In the initial months we begin studying demographic and conversion data for donations, product purchases or even Likes and Shares. As the data builds, the management of that data becomes a larger, complicated and more important task.

The overall goal is to have a continuously growing budget for an acceptable return on investment. We want the money our clients pay us to pay them back ten fold or even more. We cannot make promises, but by incrementally increasing to the market rate for our services we try to allow our clients to acquire the next month’s payment with the profits or additional funds from the previous month.

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